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As a trusted advisor to national tax authorities around the world, Capgemini offers innovative yet efficient solutions for revenue collection, cost optimization, fraud detection, and administrative challenges.

Reducing the Tax Gap

The Federal Government is focused on reducing the tax gap, by collecting what is due, increasing voluntary compliance, optimizing collection, and improving customer services. Yet they are faced with increasingly complex tax regulations with frequent changes, sophistication of fraud and evasion schemes, rising incidences of identity theft and a diverse public with different needs.

Our analytics-based Trouve solution, built on SAS technology, can match, link and analyze tax, benefit and external data sources. This massively increases agencies’ power to investigate tax evasion or benefit fraud, while reducing manual effort and prioritizing those cases likely to bring the highest return on investment. Our solution is a powerful tool to reduce the tax gap as it allows to:

  • Create personalized campaigns to encourage compliance
  • Deliver real-time risk analysis and interventions during the customer interaction
  • Secure online channels
  • Improve post-event compliance risking & interventions
  • Reduce the debt book
  • Help detect internal fraud and collusion

Solutions to Streamline Tax and Revenue Management

Our Tax and Revenue Transformation solutions are specifically designed to help the Federal Government reduce the tax gap without increased budgets.

Based on secure, tax-specific, commercial off-the-shelf software, we work with an ecosystem of partners to co-create tailored solutions for you. This optimizes all aspects of the revenue collection process, including account and case management, and responds quickly to tax law and regulatory changes such as the new Affordable Care Act and Financial Reform legislation.

We’re transforming tax operations to:

  • Reduce the tax gap to promote revenue streams that enhance funding of government services
  • Streamline operations and improve operational agility via new technologies  
  • Increase efficiency by improving the use of computing resources through cloud related technologies
  • Enhance the taxpayer experience through strategic revisions of taxpayer and external preparer portals
  • Adapt quickly to changing legislative directives and tax codes
  • Adapt quickly to changing legislative directives and tax codes

Proven Tax Experience and Expertise

Capgemini has extensive experience in dealing with tax agencies throughout the world. We work collaboratively with you to reach your business objectives and be cost-effective, customer-centric and efficient. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of tax agencies and range from business consulting to full IT outsourcing. Our experience covers a wide range of services:
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