Labor/Unemployment Modernization

High unemployment, reduced budgets, and an overall pressure to do more with less typify the challenges faced by today’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) agencies. Add to this current computing technologies that struggle to support governments in the efficient, fair, and transparent administration of UI laws and policies, and the need for modernization is clear.

We draw on extensive state, government and UI consulting experience to offer an impressive business rules-based solution to these challenges, known as AcUIty. Our  highly automated solution is a comprehensive offering providing a singular integrated tax, benefits, and appeals data repository.

Consolidate Relevant Information for Better Performing UI

A web-based solution can provide accurate data, optimize agency processing, reduce paper processing, and minimize cost. Unemployment Insurance agencies can then address a number of issues, including:

  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Payments to Claimants
  • Poor Customer Service (to Claimants and Employers)
  • Lack of Adherence to Department of Labor Performance Measurements
  • Inefficient Agency Operations



Our solution ACUITY offers an online self-service for claimants and employers that integrates sophisticated rules-based fact finding, and a powerful case management process. This enables UI agencies to:

  • Improve fact finding through an integrated database that allows for quick responses to UI issues
  • Reduce the impact of improper payments through a focus on prevention rather than recovery
  • Promote self-service for claimants and employers through online integrated information data sources
  • Increase agency performance through the implementation of an integrated tax, benefits, and appeals database and a sophisticated modification of agency business rules
  • Transition to a paperless environment via a platform

AcUIty also delivers highly advanced rules-based architecture, giving business and technology users the ability to implement changes without complex software development. It is a compelling answer to the UI agency need for sustainable business value.


Tangible results

We've already helped many states realize the benefits of some of the core components of software products utilized in our ACUITY solution. With experience in multiple UI state agencies, our solution has already helped our clients achieve:

  • Significant reduction in issue backlogs
  • Annual savings in operational costs
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Reduction in cycle time depositing employer payments into trust fund accounts
  • Staff time made available to focus on value-added services, such as re-employment and fraud investigation.
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