Innovation & Transformation

Capgemini collaborates with our clients to transform organizations, systems, and their workforce to meet the challenges of today’s complex, dynamic world. We lead clients through major transformational change while helping increase their ability to embrace change and manage innovation.

Our Innovation & Transformation practice is the heart of the Capgemini Collaborative Business Experience. By working closely with our clients to leverage creativity and new ideas to take their organizations to new levels and embrace the art of the possible.

Client Challenges Today

Organizations face constant pressures to do more with less. Budget cuts, expanded missions, legislative changes, and other internal and external forces drive a need to transform processes, technology, operations, and the workforce for organizations to remain effective. Capgemini Innovation & Transformation services help organizations “embrace the constraints” to find effective and sustainable ways to harness the power of ideas and transform to meet challenges. 

Innovation & Transformation Solutions

  • Innovation Management: Helping organizations deploy processes and tools across and their ecosystem to manage ideas from ideation through deployment.
  • Transformation Management: Organizations need to look beyond a tactical approach to gain full benefits from transformation efforts.
  • Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE): Our proprietary approach achieves in days what would typically take months using traditional approaches.
  • Distance Collaboration & Virtual Conferences: Budget cuts and travel restrictions can be overcome by leveraging technology to collaborate effectively across geography.

Capgemini’s has a long history in helping Public Sector organizations innovate and transform:

  • Proven processes for moving innovation from ad-hoc processes to a core capability
  • Transformation services beyond typical OCM activities taking a strategic, value focused approach to driving and sustaining change
  • Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) patented process, expert facilitation, and collaborative environment proven effective in over 7,000 in-person and virtual client events
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