Leigh-Anne Maddock

Work hard and good things will come your way

Tell us about your role. What does a day in your life at Capgemini look like?

A typical day for me is varied in terms of the activities I will do – and that can be challenging as your mind is jumping from one activity to another continuously throughout the day but it’s also one of the reasons why I really enjoy my role. It keeps me on my toes!

Today, for example, I started with a deal review call to seek sign-off on a proposal that I want to submit to a client tomorrow. I had to provide background on the deal, why we want to go for it, who we are competing against and what is our solution to meet the client’s need. After that, I jumped straight on a call to arrange for a marketing email to be sent out to our customers following an event we spoke at recently. Later today, I have a call with another client to discuss our commercials and agree on new pricing and then an internal call to review our AWS partnership here in Ireland with the AWS Alliance manager in my sales team. Finally, I’ll finish up the day by going back to that proposal from the morning and will spend a few hours reviewing and updating the content so I’m ready to submit it tomorrow now that I have the approval.

What’s the best thing about working at Capgemini?

There are many reasons I like working at Capgemini – the people, the work that we do, the clients that we have but for me to truly feel fulfilled and happy in my job I need to have two things; one is that there is a culture of integrity and two, that I feel I am making a difference. I am really lucky that I have both of these things at Capgemini, which is why I love working here.

What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?

The way in which we collaborate and operate as a team. In my role, I work with different parts of the Capgemini Group, various countries, teams, people – and we come together to solve problems and deliver solutions for our clients. No one person has the answer to everything, but when you get a group of people together, where each individual has specific experience, capability, and perspective and you start brainstorming and working things it – sparks fly and I love that! To see the power of a team, the power of great minds all coming together and you’re in the middle of that too and can see the answer/solution taking shape bit by bit – it’s energizing.

And, that same collaboration and brainpower works when you are in trouble or the client is not happy and you need to act fast. At Capgemini, there are always people to turn to get help from, who have been there and done that before and, who most importantly, are willing to guide and advise you. That feeling of having a global team and support is very reassuring and comforting.

How are you working towards the future you want?

The future I want is more than just about my job and I try to be careful to not let it become only about my job (which is not always easy when you are passionate about what you do!). I want to be in a position where I made an impact, where I left the world better than it was before I was here (even if that is just within the small area of the world around me that I can affect), and where I have enjoyed myself and allowed myself to grow both professionally and personally.

Every now and then, I think about what that means for me and then if I’m not doing something to help me achieve that I re-evaluate and take action. That could be something as simple as reading a book on a specific topic to expand my knowledge, or spending some time with my family or friends if I have been neglecting that, or taking time out to travel and see another piece of the world as that helps to feed my soul. And then other times, it can be bigger things like taking on new projects or even new roles in work that will help me have a greater impact. Most recently, and thanks to the pandemic, that has been a move back to my hometown to be near to my family and to enjoy the seaside (away from the hustle and bustle of the city).

What advice would you give to someone joining Capgemini?

Work hard and good things will come your way.

If you see a problem and you think you have an answer, put your hand up – don’t assume it’s someone else’s responsibility. We all work here so we all have a responsibility to make things better.

Take advantage of the fact we are a global company and get to know different parts of the Group, different people, etc. – create a network that someday might be useful for you.

Remember that every individual is important; everybody has a perspective and point of view – treat them with respect and integrity and expect the same in return; be willing to listen, hear and learn from everyone around you.

Every now and then, quietly think about what you have contributed, who you are helping, who you are impacting and be proud of all that you have achieved and all that you have impacted.

Leigh-Anne Maddock