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Translating beliefs and commitments into effective, efficient actions is the biggest challenge facing every organization.

Within our “commit, act and monitor” sustainability framework, the move to action is a considerable challenge and a significant undertaking. We have established levers for transformation across the value chain that will help you to navigate the most appropriate course of action.

Green Core with SAP

Sustainability is a global issue. It’s also a source of competitive advantage and long-term growth.

What we do

Our Green Core with SAP solutions unlock sustainability data already tracked in your SAP S/4HANA® system – enabling you to monitor, compare, and manage environmental data, social statistics, and other ESG KPIs across your value chain. This is the key to unlocking social and environmental sustainability.

We take an environment-focused approach across the enterprise IT landscape to reduce the environmental impact of your IT.

We create a vision for end-to-end sustainable operations, decarbonizing procurement, manufacturing, and logistics, and enabling closed-loop supply chain and the scaling of new circular economy business models.

We look at the creation of integrated, sustainable products and services with the aim of synchronizing all dimensions of the sustainability experience, to drive sustainable growth and improve lives now, and in the future.

On Pulse – kestävän kasvun jäljillä

Kestävä liiketoiminta on meidän kaikkien etu ja samalla ainoa vaihtoehto. Vastuullisuudesta ja ympäristövaikutusten minimoinnista on puhuttu jo paljon, eivätkä pelkät sanat enää riitä. Tarvitaan tekoja, jotka aiheuttavat muutosta omassa organisaatiossa ja sen ulkopuolella.

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