Intelligent Support and Services

From a cost center to customer-oriented value added services for revenue generation

Intelligent support and services emerge with the transformation of traditional service and support operations, identifying value in collected data, then monetizing it through new added value services.

With intelligent products and systems, support and service departments will move from being cost centers to customer experience ambassadors and revenue generators. Data-driven services connected to the ongoing use of a product rather than product ownership are already gaining great interest. This expands the traditional value chain, generating higher margins.

With the rapid increase of product complexities, fast technology changes, and limited resources, organizations must strike a balance between developing next generation products and sustaining the existing ones. Data driven services models extend the value of existing successful products and enable product and services companies to achieve zero distance with the end customers, establishing continuous contact and feedback loop.

Discover how Capgemini will help your business take advantage of what’s possible when everything is intelligent and powered by data.