Building new brands & business models

The age of digital transformation age has brought down the walls between industries. We see a taxi service competing in delivery, a media company entering e-commerce, a car company in the alternative energy market. It’s not so much a question of new territories; there is now one vast single territory and the old rules no longer apply.

In today’s reality businesses must utilize existing resources to generate exciting offerings. But it’s easier said than done. So, a fresh perspective can be of great benefit.

At Capgemini Invent we help clients find new ways to use extant assets to bring disruptive new propositions to market. More and more we find that the sparks of innovation are emerging from what organizations already have.


The Digital Talent Gap—Are Companies Doing Enough?

A Capgemini and LinkedIn joint research report shows that the digital gap is widening.

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Todd Rovak

Expert in Business Leadership, Digital Economy, Innovation