World Quality Report 20-21: Eastern Europe

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Testing and QA in Eastern Europe has been hit hard by the pandemic – but this is a region with determination

When the respondents in Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic were asked to rate the importance of various testing and QA objectives, the responses, given the highest ratings – significantly higher than for our survey respondents as a whole – were the contribution made to business outcomes (rated highly by 83% of Eastern European respondents), and ensuring end-user satisfaction (80%). Similarly, the most important aspects of IT strategy as a whole included enhancing security (rated as essential by 79% of East European respondents), enhancing the customer experience (77%), and optimizing IT costs (73%). These last two – cost optimization and customer experience – are especially conditioned by the impact of the pandemic on business, and so is the need to achieve a faster time to market (higher than the global average, at 62%).

Download your copy of the Eastern Europe  pull out of the World Quality Report 2020-21 to learn more about the QA and Testing trends shaping up in the region.

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