World Quality Report 20-21: BeNeLux

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Reality seems to have caught up on last year’s enthusiasm in Benelux – but the post-COVID signs are promising

We’ve seen Benelux organizations experiencing challenges with identifying business drivers for QA, and with deriving an approach to QA from those drivers.

When asked about the importance of various testing and QA objectives, there was a marked difference between Benelux respondents and the survey average on the extent to which the contribution to business growth was considered essential: just 57% of Benelux respondents saw it this way, against almost three-quarters (74%) for our survey as a whole. Similarly, on the relative importance of different aspects of overall IT strategy, around half (52%) of Benelux respondents said higher responsiveness to business demands was vital, against two-thirds (67%) for the global average. There was a similar gap on the perceived importance of enhancing customer experience, with far fewer Benelux respondents rating it highly.

Download your copy of the BeNeLux  pull out of the World Quality Report 2020-21 to learn more about the QA and Testing trends shaping up in the region.

WQR 2020-21 BeNeLux

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