Technomics Episode 3: Innovation and Architecting for Change

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In today’s market dynamic, the sources of innovation are increasingly limitless and varied, and the pace continues to accelerate. How should an enterprise implement innovation at speed, with scale, and in a trusted way?

41% of executives say their companies are ‘extremely at risk’ or ‘very at risk’ of disruption; while 96% believe that the disruption risk comes from emerging technologies and companies.

The winners in this market are those who can apply innovation. This is demonstrated by market leaders who continue to derive benefits from their innovation investments, yielding strong business outcomes.

Watch Lanny Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini and Kai Schroeder, Global Architects Lead & Head of Enterprise Architects, Capgemini Germany discuss what is applied innovation and how do enterprises build a strong foundation for continuous innovation by architecting for change.

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Learn how Capgemini’s Applied Innovation framework enables our global clients in becoming proficient at applying innovation, in creating value and delivering Business Outcomes.

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