Technomics Episode 2: Blockchain

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Blockchain, one of the most hyped emerging technology trends generates just as much controversy. While 85% of organizations are at early stage experiments, only 3% are deploying it at scale. 

It’s not just the technological, economic and social shifts that worry business leaders. The “unknown unknowns” are an ever-present risk looming on the horizon. The unknowns that influence technology and businesses are increasing exponentially. In this realm of uncertainty how do you anticipate, differentiate and operationalize to win, both today and tomorrow?

Blockchain, generates just as much controversy; with proponents and opponents in generous measure. So, what are the “right questions” and trade-offs that you must consider while evaluating “Enterprise Blockchain” for your business? 

Join us as we explore these questions for technology domains that are set to be the most influential change agents through our web series: Technomics – Future Thinking, Change Making.

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