Modern finance with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud: Financials Suite and Capgemini’s iUnify Cloud

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This end-to-end modern finance solution designed to help today’s finance departments respond to growing expectations and add value to the enterprise.

Oracle ERP Cloud: Financials Suite automates, streamlines and controls financial processes to reduce costs, simplify controls, increase productivity and improve business decisions. It includes cloud services, mobile integration, embedded social functionality, native business intelligence and a modern user interface to increase the efficacy of decision-making and drive innovation. Its broad suite of capabilities include general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, expenses, collections, and cash management as well as centralized accounting, tax, payment, and intercompany engines. And because it can be deployed in the Cloud, offered on-premise as Oracle ERP Cloud: Financials Suite, or can even be run in conjunction with your current financials platform, this solution is adapted for all business needs. Affordable, easy to implement and simple to manage, it allows finance departments to simplify technical requirements and business processes, thereby reducing costs and freeing up resources to focus on adding value across the enterprise.

Capgemini’s iUnify Cloud: Integrated Methodology for Proven and Accelerated Cloud Transformation

Capgemini can help you move away from ineffective legacy systems by adopting Oracle ERP Cloud: Financials Suite to quickly realize the benefits of modern finance. We do this through iUnify Cloud, our accelerated program for implementing Oracle ERP Cloud: Financials Suite for true and timely business transformation. It leverages our experience with the Cloud, partnership with Oracle, and implementation experience in the areas of Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle On Demand, and other software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to speed you to the business value of Oracle ERP Cloud: Financials Suite. And because we recognize that business process optimization is just as important as technical capability in achieving business goals, iUnify Cloud also draws on the strength of our global Business Process Creation and Business Process Management practices. If you would like to adopt this as an on-premise solution, Capgemini works with you to ensure deployment is fast, efficient, and low-risk.

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