Increase customer retention and satisfaction with hyper-personalized engagement technologies

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Provide your financial customers with the right offer – in the right channel – at the right moment

How you can dramatically increase customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty with hyper-personalized engagement technologies from Capgemini and Pegasystems

Life has many changes. One moment you’re expecting a newborn and the next they could be off to university, or you could be planning to retire. All of these ‘life moments’ trigger specific buying behaviors, meaning for financial service providers, you want to personalize your customer solutions.

Traditional marketing approaches that only rely on your CRM data don’t provide the level of insight required to detect life moments. Using CRM as a single data pool doesn’t garner deep customer insight because there is a disconnect with other data sources that your organisation or customer influences.

The key to improving customer experience is to transition to a hyperpersonalized approach to enable better alignment of your marketing actions, which will dramatically improve customer experience, and loyalty.

Statistics show that loyal customers spend 33% more than new clients because they already like the company’s products or services and believe they are superior to their competitors. * Despite this companies often focus spend on acquiring new customers rather than retaining existing.  Fortunately, there’s a way to reverse course and start realizing the value in the customers you already have.

Hyper-personalized engagement turns the data you have into gold by using it to feed predictive behavior algorithms that can accurately determine a customer’s next move.

Explore how Capgemini and Pega are tackling the challenge of delivering hyperpersonalized approachCapgemini’s Integrated Predictive AI technologies and Pega’s Customer Decision Hub provide your business with the information it needs so you can provide customers with the right services and offers at the right time.

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