Energy Transition & Profitability: taking leadership on renewable electricity

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Joint research paper developed by Capgemini Invent and The Climate Group

A new Capgemini Invent & Climate Group report reveals the underlining link between profitability and a mature energy strategy.

How RE100 companies have an edge on their peers’ is a joint research paper developed by Capgemini Invent and The Climate Group which analyzes if sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewable sources has a positive impact on a company’s financial performance.

The RE100 report draws on data from a sample of 3,500 companies and shows that RE100 businesses (committed to 100% renewable electricity) consistently perform better than non-members on two key financial indicators: net profit margin and EBIT margin (Earnings Before Interests and Taxes).

The report shows that committing to 100% renewable energy creates new opportunities to bring additional profits, improved customer engagement as well as creation of new services / business models.

Defining the shape and form of an energy strategy is a crucial first step for any company committing to source 100% renewable electricity. According to the report, committing to RE100 sourcing is a transformation program that tackles several dimensions of an organizations operations.

This report was released in conjunction with Climate Week NYC, where for the 10th year running The Climate Group was convening business and government leaders from around the world to advance climate action.


Capgemini, through its business brand Capgemini Invent, is proud to be the Global Partner of the 10th World Climate Summit, 8th December 2019, Madrid.

The World Climate Summit is the leading global forum in which private and public actors meet to discuss and present business and investment-driven solutions to climate change. Find out more about this event and the sessions we will be presenting as part of our partnership.


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