Digital Advancements for A&D Product Development Define Our Future

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Are we at the tipping point for data-driven Smart Product Development? Aerospace and defense engineers must make critical advancements in how data is exploited across the value chain to vastly improve the performance and profitability of their creations.

Meeting design requirements and pushing the finished product out the door isn’t the final objective for today’s OEM. Digital transformation is powering new realities in performance and profitability across the A&D product development lifecycle.

Concepts such as the Digital Thread bring together lifetimes of aerospace and defense data to be used throughout the value chain and across the lifecycle of aerospace and defense systems as it is deployed, operated and sustained. The Digital Twins promise to give us a virtual replica of each component or product enabling us to exploit field data to test, analyze and dissect inventions in a thousand ways never before possible in the traditional sense. It’s an exciting time.

By embracing new technologies, tools, connections and data-driven ecosystems, we can capture the tipping point and turn it into a powerful force for future momentum. Read our white paper to learn the three concrete areas of focus that aerospace and defense OEMs can start working on to address the challenges of the day and bring their organizations into the future.