Quantum – The Unseen Future

20 October 2022 // Lisbon

Capgemini Engineering, in collaboration with IBM, aims to discover and build the future through Quantum Technologies.

The technological innovations that the future holds, will be decisive for the evolution of business and the future of companies. With the event “Quantum – The Unseen Future”, we welcomed our clients and partners, in an environment of sharing and inspiration.

The world opens new opportunities for risk management, cybersecurity, logistics, programming operations, discovery of lightweight materials or new drugs, sustainability, among other areas that impact our lives. Along with advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things, quantum technology is one of the driving pillars of what many expect to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Embrace with us the quest for the quantum advantage.

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At Capgemini Engineering we are focused on changing tomorrow starting today. With our focus on Quantum Technologies we are the ideal partner to help organisations navigate this new sea of discovery towards the future.

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