Portuguese Salesforce Experts


Miguel Mancellos
Head of DCX Practice, Capgemini Portugal 

Digital transformation demands continuous disruption in the way we think, the way we work, and the way we engage with customers and within our value network.

This is why I am a strong believer that technology will help to create a better world. It has the power to overcome geographical and political barriers, spreading information across the world, contributing to reduce differences and bring people closer together.Technology-based industry is a great opportunity for a country like Portugal; early adopter, matured in the usage, high level education, talented people and by tradition, and historically, opened to the world.


Alessandro TornagoAlessandro Tornago
Alliances Director at DCX Practice, Capgemini Portugal

Alessandro is a business leader with more than two decades of experience in business management, strategic partnerships, and sales management, with both business and a technical background in digital transformation. He worked across Europe and LatAM in large, accelerated revenue growth plans, by orchestrating ecosystems of clients, partners, and suppliers, operating in B2B enterprise markets with deep specialization in key segments of the technology stack, including Infrastructure platforms, As-a-Service models, and System Integration.

He joined Capgemini Portugal to develop the Salesforce Alliance. In his role, within Capgemini Portugal, Alessandro is responsible for ensuring alliance effectiveness by fostering commercial collaboration and go to market initiatives.


Renato Assunção
Head of Salesforce, Capgemini Portugal 

Renato is responsible for the operations of the Salesforce team at Capgemini Portugal. He has experience in Salesforce implementations across several industries and in various roles, and today leads the Salesforce technical team at Portugal CoE.

His focus is to help clients shape and execute successful SalesforceTransformations that truly support their commercial agenda. This is to a large extent done by bringing our experts, experience, assets and accelerators to Capgemini’s Portugal clients.


Rogério Salvador Graça
Head of CRM Coe Évora, Capgemini Portugal 

Rogério is a results-driven manager able to apply strategies that result in solid projects and with vast experience in digital transformations and delivering CRM projects. He has worked with key Consumer Products and Retail customers with primary focus on sales effectiveness and customer engagement.

With a strong and combined technical and management background, Rogério is successfully leading Capgemini Portugal CRM hub in Évora, delivering CRM solutions, mainly with Salesforce, aligned with our customers digital transformation roadmap.


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