All Architects of Positive Futures

Above all, our CSR strategy is about our people and how we can all make a difference.

We know that the commitment of our teams is essential for turning our CSR ambition into a business reality. Many of our employees have already become Architects of Positive Futures, through their personal efforts and collective initiatives.

Together we will bring about positive change.

Shobha Meera, Chief CSR Officer

Shobha Meera


“Our ambition is to be Architects of Positive Futures, which relies on the engagement and commitment of all Capgemini colleagues. We encourage them all to be curious, be engaged, be leaders!”

People Stories

Impact Together Week in France

October 1-5, 2018: 200 team members of our banking and insurance business unit got the opportunity to engage with 14 NGOs in 3 cities: Nantes, Paris and Montpellier.

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