Keylor Acosta

Keylor is the SAP Practice Chief Technology and Innovation Officer for North America. He helps our customers adopt and integrate new ways of working and innovations into their business. His passion and focus are to enable digital transformation and to positively disrupt clients to understand and apply technologies like IoT, AI, Big Data, 5G, Blockchain, and others to their business processes. Keylor strives to enhance the user experience in our client’s organization to unlock the human potential for these individuals in these organizations.

Keylor is specialized in delivering innovative solutions that will change the businesses, customers, and systems. He is committed to help clients move towards a renewable enterprise end state, which is Capgemini’s philosophy on how to help companies move to S4. Keylor’s business and technical expertise accumulated over all the years of working delivering technological solutions in combination with his creativity and lean way of thinking enables him to translate his clients’ needs into intelligent solutions that leverage the most recent technologies. Keylor is a change driver and advocate for the smart use of innovation.

Keylor Acosta

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Principal @ Capgemini

Dec 1999 – Present