Jan Wouters

Expert in Demand Driven Supply Chain (CPR)

I advise companies on how to bridge the gap between strategy and operations through the design and implementation of integrated business planning processes.

Jan Wouters

My experience

Head of global SAP Supply Chain Community & Thoughtleader IBP @ Capgemini


Profession Group manager SAP SCM @ Capgemini Nederland

12/01/2003 to 09/30/2011

Profession Group manager @ Capgemini

01/01/2004 to 01/01/2009

Product Manager SAP SCM @ Information Technology & Services Company

04/02/2001 to 10/01/2003

SAP SCM Consultant @ Information Technology & Services Company

04/01/1998 to 04/02/2001

SAP Consultant @ Information Technology and Services Company

07/01/1996 to 03/31/1998

IT department @ Information Technology and Services Company

01/01/1990 to 01/31/1995