Geert van der Linden

I will help clients to deliver a secure service to there customers and help them with a secure transformation and digitalization.

I have created the security strategy for the group and the CIS SBU. I have managed to grow the security business YoY with 70%.

I have managed the implementation of this strategy. Due to the implementation of this strategy we are now recognized by the Analysts; Gartner, Forester, IDC, NelsonHall etc as a leader in cybersecurity.

Geert van der Linden

My experience

EVP and Head of Global Cybersecurity Practice @ Capgemini

Jan 2017 - Present

Head of global service line security @ Capgemini

Feb 2014 - Present

Vice President @ Capgemini

Jan 2009 - Dec 2016

CIO @ Capgemini

Feb 2012 - Dec 2014

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