Aleksandra Domagala

Aleksandra creates user-centered products and services based on client’s organization data and user needs gathered by tailored methods. She has worked with a broad range of clients from different industries (e.g. automotive, telecommunication, public sector, beverage, IT) having employees dispersed globally and with different cultural differences impacting their workstyles and expectations. Her psychology background makes her focused on evidence-based solutions aimed at enhancing user experience. Most of her projects are related to digital transformations.

Aleksandra Domagala

My experience

Senior User Experience Consultant @ Capgemini

April 2018 - Present

Senior HR Specialist/Project Lead @ Capgemini

Oct 2016 – April 2018

HR Specialist @ Capgemini

June 2015 – Sept 2016

Latest Publications


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Aleksandra Domagala

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Aleksandra Domagala

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User Experience

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Aleksandra Domagala

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