Al Liubinskas

I helped define, architect and deploy multiple restaurant chains’ digital programs, allowing them to support heavy online demands for sporting events, integrating delivery service providers and moving them from batch based processes to on-line real-time customer experience.

Have insight in architecture and implementing digital/ERP/Supply Chain solutions within large complex transformation programs for Fortune 1000 clients. Have expertise in defining and standing up an API Center for Enablement capability.

Al Liubinskas

My experience

Vice-President - NA Cloud Integration Practice Lead @ Capgemini

Jan 2017 - Present

Principal - NA Integration Practice Lead @ Capgemini

Jan 2008 - Present

West Region BPM/Integration Practice Lead @ Capgemini

Jan 2001 - Jan 2008

Senior Manager @ Accounting

Jan 1995 - Jan 2001

Latest Publications


API-fication: a three-step process to joining the API economy

Al Liubinskas

API-fication is a tool that new economy leaders are using to grow revenue 5% faster, create...