Forrester has published a dedicated case study describing Georgia Technology Authority’s (GTA) journey of becoming an agile service provider of infrastructure services for the State of Georgia. According to the report, “The need for more agility in the world of infrastructure and operations (I&O) demands leaders transform their current service and operating model. To sustain excellent service quality at a competitive price, Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) needed to change to achieve greater business alignment for faster time-to-market.”

According to the report, “After looking for best practices and understanding its options, GTA leveraged Capgemini to transition to being a more agile managed services provider,” and “Prior to the Capgemini relationship, Georgia Enterprise Technology Services service tower providers worked in more of a silo versus the collaborative approach that Capgemini brought forward as a service integrator.”

Here are Forrester’s key takeaways from the report:

Focus On Customers’ Demands With A More Dynamic Operating Model
Service providers must change their operating model to stay flexible and agile to fulfil the demands of customers.

GTA’s Shift From A Utility To A Service Provider Was A Critical Transformation
To stay competitive and to continuously enforce the value of business technology (BT) services required GTA to think, act, manage, and service customers as a service provider — not as a utility providing a one-size-fits-all commodity offering.

Read the full report to know how Capgemini helped GTA in their transition journey.