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Capgemini Engineering Policies

Our policies reflect our market position, and quality is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative and reliable solutions that meet their expectations.


Capgemini Engineering Portugal, in its mission, promotes the success of its Clients’ businesses, stimulating their development, their growth and the improvement of their profitability, aiming to provide a quality service and placing its capabilities at the service of the needs and expectations of its clients and interested parties, while maintaining respect for the values it defends.

Taking this reference into account, the Management of Capgemini Engineering Portugal establishes and maintains the following quality policy by which all the activities of the company are developed:

  • The Management will show leadership and commitment and take responsibility for establishing, reviewing, maintaining and continuously improving the Quality Management System, ensuring that it is compatible with the organization’s strategy, purpose and context;
  • The commitment to Quality Management assumed by the company should be systematically and progressively reviewed and shared with the entire management team, based on compliance with legal, regulatory and organizational requirements;
  • Everyone contributes to continuous improvement through the participation and involvement of all in favor of customer satisfaction and all stakeholders;
  • The permanent focus on Capgemini Engineering’s mission, driven by economic, financial and environmental results that enable the company’s sustainable development in the short, medium and long term, is supported by relevant objectives, targets and processes, clearly oriented to the requirements, needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders;
  • The periodic evaluation of customer satisfaction, requirements, needs and expectations, and the appropriate treatment of identified areas for improvement is an objective to be shared by all;
  • The focus on knowledge and development of the full potential of all employees, at individual and team level, is an essential condition to ensure customer satisfaction and process efficiency. Through guidance and support, each employee will have a proper understanding of the importance of the Quality System function, their responsibility to contribute to its effectiveness, and their direct relevance to the company’s success;
  • Adoption of a non-biased, but fair and rigorous conduct in the selection of suppliers, in the continuous evaluation of their performance, and in the assessment of the products and services provided;
  • The identification and timely delivery to the organization of the necessary and sufficient resources to achieve the established objectives and goals, the simplification and optimization of processes, is the support of the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System performance;
  • Implementation of a policy of continuous improvement of performance evaluation systems and establishment of quality objectives, in order to address the risks and opportunities determined by Management and react quickly to changes, developing initiative systems to improve the efficiency of our response;
  • The Quality System will be monitored, measured, evaluated and improved on a regular basis under the ultimate responsibility of Management, holding itself accountable for the effectiveness of the quality management system.


The Research, Development and Innovation Policy of Altran Portugal, S.A. is based on five commitments:

  • Stimulate and support the emergence of new ideas and their development in a systematic and constant way, in order to strengthen competitive advantages and market positioning;
  • Promote the management of external interfaces and the organization in innovation processes, in order to ensure the circulation and transfer of knowledge between the innovative activity of the organization and its environment;
  • Promote management by objectives and continuously monitor process indicators in order to increase the performance of innovation within the organization;
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of innovation activities, not only reacting appropriately to failures, but also anticipating potential problems;
  • Ensure a high level of competence of all employees in order to ensure the development of the necessary skills for research, development and innovation.


Capgemini Engineering Information Security Policy


Capgemini Engineering Environmental Policy


Capgemini Engineering Portugal commitment to project/service delivery:

  • This policy is aligned with the other existing policies in Capgemini Engineering Portugal applicable to the whole organization;
  • Provide an adequate quality management of Capgemini Engineering Portugal projects and services;
  • Ensure compliance of current legislation, regulations and standards of regulatory authorities, information security, security of buildings and facilities, ethical behavior of employees and third parties involved in the use of the information contained in the Integrated Management System (IMS) and Engineering Delivery Management System (EDMS);
  • The Program Office (PO) contributes to organizational objectives, in particular those related to financial targets and those that meet agreed contractual parameters, through the implementation of projects and services. It also contributes to the simplification and optimization of processes and resources, supporting the continuous improvement of IMS and ADMS;
  • The PO follows the IMS and ADMS processes that, in turn, comply with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 27001: 2013, IDI NP4457: 2007, ISO 20000: 2018, ISO 13485: 2016, ASPICE v3.1 model, TISAX – Very High Protection level (maturity level 3) and the CMMI-DEV v1.3 model (maturity level 3), allowing the respective certifications and maturity classifications;
  • The projects/services developed, within the scope of the PO, guarantee the rigorous application of good management practices (namely the PMBoK, for project management, and ITIL, for service management), as a way to provide quality products and services to customers within the agreed contractual terms;
  • All projects and services must have all their components budgeted, ensuring a correct distribution of indirect costs and allocation of direct costs, in order to provide an overall cost for each project and service and ensure effective control of financial resources;

For risk management, the policy is:

  • Define a risk management system compatible with the requirements and best practices provided by the above mentioned standards and models, in order to detect, analyze, respond and correct possible threats, gaps and even opportunities in Capgemini Engineering Portugal’s projects and services, including information security and/or anomalies of contracted service levels;
  • Define a dedicated risk management strategy for medical device products based on ISO 14971: 2019 requirements;
  • Reducing the risks associated with the continuity of service delivery, protecting the infrastructure that supports the services and the information managed by them against any undue, accidental or deliberate action of internal or external origin, preventing possible security incidents and reducing their potential impact.

For change management, the policy is:

  • Ensure compliance with design and transition requirements for new or changed services;
  • Ensure that all configuration items are under change management control and that all changes are analyzed according to the defined criteria for determining and analyzing changes that may have a significant impact on the services and/or the client.
  • The management of Capgemini Engineering Portugal, is committed to support the objectives and principles of this policy and to guarantee the necessary means for its implementation and maintenance.