Integrating Risk & Finance

Let Capgemini help your organization strengthen decision making, improve capital allocation, and better deal with changing market conditions and compliance mandates through risk and finance integration.

Span the gap

Spanning the gap between risk and finance

A 2013 report from Chartis Research showed that 88% of risk and finance practitioners see the integration of their functions as a major priority. However, more than half have yet to implement an enterprise-level plan to achieve this integration. To meet regulatory reporting requirements today you need an integrated financial and risk architecture. Regulators are also mandating that financial firms reconcile the data used in risk management to the data used in financial reporting.

This is easier said than done. The focus and functions of Finance and Risk are different, and over time, each group has developed its own set of systems, tools, and processes to manage their requirements. Plus, many functions in your organization may be functioning in separate silos, something that’s difficult to reconcile.

Meet challenges head on

Capgemini has the skills and resources to meet your challenges head on! We can help you consolidate regulatory reporting, management accounting, risk management, and financial accounting across your entire organization. Our proven target architecture brings Risk and Finance information systems closer to increase accounting and risk consistency and limit reconciliation tasks.

Key elements of our comprehensive approach help you to transform your finance and risk systems by:

  • Developing an integrated Finance and Risk Vision which guides new projects and aligns existing projects.
  • Striking the right balance between fast implementation of regulatory rules while managing the transformation.
  • Bringing together all the critical drivers, from executive sponsorship to improved data governance.
  • Ensuring that risk and finance functions work from the same data and produce reconcilable and consistent results

Proven record of success

Our finance transformation clients have achieved significant cost savings and efficiencies. In many cases, finance costs have decreased by over 25% through the elimination of manual, redundant or non-value activities. Other tangible benefits for our clients include:

  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Flexible, adaptable finance organization and technology
  • Partnering model between finance and business units
  • A single source for both financial and risk management data
  • Real-time financial and operational information to support management decisions

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