Capgemini Field Service Lightning Accelerator

Webinar: Case Study: How Aggreko Took Field Service to the Next Level

Check out our latest joint webinar with Salesforce, hosted by Industry Week, on January 16th , Case Study: How Aggreko Took Field Service to the Next Level

For further details please get in touch with William Donlan.


Addresses Common Concerns through Field Service Optimization in the Cloud

  • Costly and labor intensive service delivery with inefficient first time repair rates
  • Pressures to reduce service costs while improving quality
  • Time consuming billing and invoicing processes extend billing cycles

Transformational Service Operations on a Single Platform

  • Extends Service Cloud and Salesforce Field Service Lightning with native, end-to-end, robust, field service operations capabilities
  • Scales to addresses client needs from route optimization and RMA’s to complex, onsite, multi-location, corrective repair requirements
  • Expands functionality for labor/parts debrief, timesheets, preventative maintenance and contracts
  • Eliminates time, investment and integration of deploying separate field service solution
  • Integration expertise to critical CRM, purchasing, invoicing and inventory management functions

A Leading provider of end-to-end customer lifecycle management solutions on Salesforce

  • Salesforce partner since 2007 with 2000+ certifications.
  • Leading Systems Integrator on the Salesforce Partner Value Index with a score of 9.7 out of 10
  • Knowledge and expertise to identify and solve functional service process gaps to improve customer satisfaction
  • Exclusive co-development partner with Salesforce for field service operations
  • Specialized client experience in field service projects across many industries that require complex, corrective repair services
  • Broad industry expertise to serve automotive/durable manufacturing, health care, life science, energy/utilities, consumer product and distribution industries

For more information contact Bill Donlan.

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