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Delivering consistent and measurable business value through intelligent process automation.

The challenge of processing unstructured and semi-structured content

With the digital landscape continuing to expand at an almost uncontrollable rate, organizations are witnessing increasing volumes of unstructured and semi-structured content flowing in from customers, suppliers, and employees – not only electronically, but via a range of traditional channels such as post and even fax.

With such high volumes of unstructured data, combined with the limitations of legacy business systems not able to deal with this growing variety of channels, organizations are faced with significant challenges in scaling their operations, enhancing their value proposition, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Addressing these challenges can be expensive and time-consuming.

Applying intelligent process automation to deliver enhanced business value

Your business can benefit from an intelligent automation solution that enables you to streamline the way in which you handle unpredictable, unstructured, and semi-structured content that flows into your organization daily.

Since 2015, Capgemini and Celaton have been working together to deliver consistent value and results to organizations around the world through the partnership’s successful blend of expertise and technology. This includes Celaton’s industry-leading inSTREAMTM solution – an intelligent document processing platform powered by Intelligent Process Automation.

Increase efficiency through the reduction of manual processing

With content arriving by email, social media, fax, post, and other electronic data streams 24/7, our partnership with Celaton – and its inSTREAM solution – enables us to improve areas of your business where incoming documents and queries need to be processed.

inSTREAM minimizes the need for manual processing and ensures that only accurate, relevant, and structured data enters line of business systems. Since inSTREAM’s inception in 2004, Celaton has been deploying its “Human in the Loop” technology to enhance inSTREAM’s learning and optimize its processing through collaborating with human operators.

Capgemini and Celaton’s intelligent automation solution typically delivers:

  • 85% reduction in manual customer correspondence processing effort
  • 75% average efficiency gains in sales order processing
  • 74% reduction in average transaction costs for claims handling
  • 86% reduction in invoice processing time.

Read an interview with Gina Gray, Commercial Director at Celaton, about how its Intelligent Document Processing platform – inSTREAM™ – helps Capgemini’s customers automate and streamline their end-to-end business processes to deliver a significant reduction in their operational expenditure.

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Delivering consistent and measurable business value through intelligent process automation

Capgemini and Celaton enable increased efficiency, shortened turnaround times, and enhanced quality of your incoming content and queries.