Spotlight series: Navigating disruption

Supply Chain & Operations, People, Performance and Customers

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Now, more than ever, we acknowledge that you cannot model the future with certainty. What you can do is prepare yourself and your organization to stay connected and respond rapidly.

The market is disrupted. The four key areas you need to focus on are: people, performance, supply chain and operations, and customers. Now is the time to rapidly rebound by re-starting strategy, execution, and planning using an agile and modular format.

In this interactive Q&A format webinar series, Capgemini experts will address today’s most pressing questions.

Navigating Disruption: Supply Chain & Operations Webinar On-Demand


  • How do we identify and foresee impacts on suppliers, manufacturing, and logistics while considering key constraints such as individual plant capacities, labor and energy availability, visibility of raw material inventory, and travel routes?
  • How do we prepare alternatives if operations are impacted?
Navigating Disruption: People Webinar On-Demand


  • How do we support our workforce by driving safety measures such as regulated travel, home offices, and applicable health advice?
  • How do we quickly provide training and information to keep perspective on new situations and cope with both the business and personal impact?
Navigating Disruption: Performance Webinar On-Demand


  • How do you quickly define a recovery approach with immediate, medium- and long-term perspectives so you can continuously adapt?
  • How do you establish a control room to promote transparency on potential and materialized risks and the financial implications of measures?
  • How do you empower the control-room team to facilitate executive-level decisions?
Navigating Disruption: Customers Webinar On-Demand
  • Do you understand the demands at wholesale, retail, and customer levels so you can prioritize all aspects from current finished-goods inventory to the impacts on revenue, margin, and market share?
  • How do you define revised customer segments to ensure short- and mid-term business resilience while considering strategic relationship value?