Cloud Economics and Optimization Assessment

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Control costs and maximize the business value of the cloud.

While starting out on a cloud adoption journey, organizations often fail to set up a framework for cloud cost management. This leads to cloud sprawl or the uncontrolled proliferation of the organization’s cloud environment without proper tracking and accountability. And this, in turn, leads to high
cloud costs. A few gaps in your current cloud environment can easily make your cloud spend spiral out of control. Ask yourself:

• Do you have complete visibility into your cloud spend?
• Are your resources appropriately provisioned?
• Are you using the purchasing options in the most cost-effective way?
• Are you using any tools to control costs across cloud platforms?
• Do you have the strategies, systems and internal communications in place to connect your cloud costs with your business insights?

Capgemini’s Cloud Economics and Optimization Assessment is a premier enterprise-ready service designed to maximize your success. Our experienced team of cloud-accredited professionals will help you plan, detect, identify, and recommend necessary cost optimization
measures to minimize cloud operating costs through a structured approach.

Take the next step on your cloud journey with speed and confidence. Contact Capgemini today.

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