Captive Finance Study 2.0

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The automotive finance industry is facing fundamental change. In our Captive Finance Study 2.0 you can read about the challenges and opportunities this presents for suppliers and OEMs.

The automotive finance industry is facing major challenges due to changing mobility preferences, innovative business models, and new technologies. At the same time, new business potential and opportunities abound for providers. To take advantage of them, companies must gradually adapt and further develop their product portfolios. They must cope with the continuing trend away from vehicle ownership towards mobility services without neglecting their traditional financing business. Digitization continues to play a key role in the introduction of new digital products and services and the digitization of existing offerings.

In addition, captives must work more closely with OEMs to be an integral part of the customer journey and to support it – for example, when a vehicle purchase, including financing, is completely mapped online. A uniform roadmap, coordinated business models, and the merging of customer data create a common 360° view of the customer. Both captives and OEMs face the great challenge of adapting their sales models by integrating and mapping their own direct sales approaches into their strategy – an adaptation of the existing remuneration models for dealers is indispensable.

In this highly dynamic environment, providers must find effective ways to leverage and manage their innovation capabilities by firmly anchoring them in business processes.

Providers need to determine their strategic positioning in the ecosystem

Considering these challenges and opportunities, suppliers must decide which strategic positioning they want to pursue: traditional captive with further developed core competencies or orchestrator of the digital ecosystem for mobility, possibly even for several brands? Once a strategic route has been defined, it is important to pursue it systematically and in a targeted manner.

Captive Finance Study 2.0

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