Blog Series – Beyond the Health Crisis

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A CXO narrative for enterprise renewal and renaissance.

Businesses are currently facing continuous market uncertainties, an accelerated pace of innovation and the intensity of competitive threats. In response to the current climate Lanny Cohen will deliver thought leading content dealing with how companies can adjust and ensure survival, even thrive, in these times of immense change. The content aims to provide a fresh perspective and expose the market context that enterprises will encounter.


Lanny’s series of 5 blogs address the landscape and identify 3 types of companies in the market today. Those who are treating business as usual – who will undoubtedly find themselves in a difficult place. Those who are attempting to renew, but don’t know how to achieve change. Those who are committed and well-positioned for fundamental change – the ‘renaissance’ enterprises. The blogs focus on the key drivers for change that ‘renaissance’ enterprises are using to power their progress: Position; Platform; and Proficiencies.


3 video interviews with Capgemini experts will delve deeper into each key driver. Lee Beardmore joins Lanny to discuss the first driver Position, examining the role of innovation, stakeholder relevancy, competitive landscape and governance. Sudhir Pai debates the area of Platform and how it can be the answer to many of the problems faced this year. Lastly, Lanny is joined by Manuel Sevilla on the topic of Proficiencies and becoming a frictionless enterprise.

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Related experts

Lee Beardmore

I have spent over two decades advising clients on best strategies for technology adoption. I am currently leading the push in AI and intelligent automation for Capgemini’s Business Services. I am a computer scientist by education, a technologist at heart, and can offer a wealth of cross-industry experience to my clients.

Manuel Sevilla

I advise my customers to move to a new world with radically faster time-to-market, new business models, new ecosystems and new customer expectations. I help our clients adopt domains such as cloud, cloud-native, AI, blockchain and DevOps.