Business Services (global)


A pragmatic, cost-effective approach to get your organization fit for future finance.


The Future of Energy

A new energy era is upon us, but what should we expect by 2040-2050?

Intelligent Industry – Powered by Data

Intelligent Industry allows companies to transform data into insight and actions.

Power of Analytics in a Digital Workplace

Unlock the power of data and analytics for a better user-experience.

Trust Thrust

Trust. The Technology Business must-have. Without trust there is no business.

Creative Machine

Unleashing a new wave of man-machine creativity by letting AI do the heavy lifting of...

Use the 5G Force, Luke

Tapping into the potential of 5G networks to create brand new, highly collaborative business...

New Chain on the Block

Using distributed ledger technology to drive next generation trusted business ecosystems

Fluid Workforce

Adaptive orchestration of skills to beat complexity and thrive on unpredictability

The Team is the Canvas

Leveraging teams-oriented workspaces for collaboratively creating joint business results

Pleased to Meet You, Process

Busting corporate silos by adding flexible process layers on top of them, rather than break...

Data Apart Together

If the organization is distributed and data is everywhere, it is best to manage data in a...

Good tAImes

AI solutions require privacy, security, fairness, transparency, ‘explainability’,...

When Code Goes Low

Low-code and no-code platforms make building next-generation application services a...

Ceci n’est pas une Infrastructure

Continuously build and deploy the next generation of software services, without even noticing...

Ops, AI Did it Again

AI comes to the rescue of complex IT operations, improving step-by-step efficiency and...

No Friction

Autonomous technology can create a user experience that is so fluent and adaptive, it’s...

I Feel for You

Boosting both the individual and corporate EQ, in order to create a more effective,...

Own Private Avatar

Creating an active, well-aligned marketplace of digital assistants that can act on behalf of...


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