Przemysław Król

How would you describe yourself?

I’m passionate about IT, especially so-called bare-metal and data center infrastructure. Because I love what I do, it’s my motivation to do all my best. I always look for opportunities to do better.

What does the Architect do?

An architect should act as mediator, between Business requirements and capabilities of IT departments. I like Architect description as “complexity manager”, where he needs to be concerned not just with how the solution will operate in its own context, but how it will function in the context of the larger ecosystem. A goal is to propose solution reachable technically, and which fulfill Business needs.

What kind of competencies an Architect should have in your team?  

An architect should bring and have experience either from a technical area or good understanding about IT processes, or knowledge about Business principles and requirements. Only after connecting several pieces can bring good material, and the key here is a higher level overview and some intuition. An architect should not be tied to one specific element of expertise. If is focused on only one area, then becomes a subject matter expert and not an architect.

What part of your job is done from the client’s place?  

It depends on Client and project. Important is to be flexible, but it’s good when You like to travel 😊

We live in a modern, very fast-changing world. Thanks to this there is an opportunity for supporting projects for Clients from another side of the World. Everything can be discussed and clarified over email, phone or Live meeting, but always face-to-face contact can help with resolving difficult situations.

What do you like best at your job?

Freedom. This is a very independent position, and no one will be telling you what to do. Means you need to manage by yourself about time, work, projects, education etc.

But also you need to be aware of the responsibility, sometimes even become the official solution advocate.

Do you work remotely? If yes, how often?

Yes, its very affordable, as most of us are supporting different Clients. Working remotely, either if its so-called “home office” or from Client’s “site?” allows focussing on work. Unless you want to consult about some specific technology with more experienced colleges you can meet in Office.