Michał Sosinka

Information Security Officer | Head of Cybersecurity Unit

What would you say if someone asks you who you are?

As a Security Officer for Capgemini Poland, I’m usually the one everyone goes to when the word security pops out. Most people still feel uncomfortable when facing security related topics. Working in the IT industry forces us to be more vigilant for potential attacks, and it’s always better to ask before acting.

What does a Cybersecurity Manager do?

My main tasks are to make sure all aspects of the organization are safe, controlled and measured. This means we need to make sure all elements of the Information Security framework are well managed and communicated in line with client and legal requirements. I also participate in multiple Cybersecurity projects, ranging from internal initiatives of our security team, improving the security of our company to development project expanding our Global portfolio and supporting the sales organization.

What is the most challenging at your job?

To be always prepared for the unexpected. The IT industry is changing very rapidly and new threats and vulnerabilities are reported every day. It is critical to have the right tools, processes and people to protect, monitor and hunt emerging threats.

What do you like best at your job?

Definitely the opportunity to create and develop the Cybersecurity Capability in our organization. I have a great team which shares my enthusiasm. We closely cooperate with our organization to support the growth and get talented people on board to work with our global partners and clients.

Do you work remotely? If yes, how often?

Whenever I’m not working on client site I’m always able to work from home. Nevertheless, working in office allows me to closely cooperate with our Security and Architect community. We build a great ecosystem where we support each other in projects and business challenges.

Which of your business trips do you remember best and why?

Surprisingly, it was neither San Francisco, London or Paris. Last year I attended a 1-day workshop in Frankfurt: early morning flight and return on the same day. The project which followed those workshops turned out to be one of the most innovative and cutting-edge initiatives in Cybersecurity I’ve ever seen.