Meet our IT Architects: Sebastian Nieszwiec

Read the interview with Sebastian Nieszwiec, Delivery Architect at Capgemini Poland and find out how the job as an IT Architect looks like.

Sebastian Nieszwiec, Delivery Architect
Sebastian Nieszwiec, Delivery Architect

What is your role in the team? What are the responsibilities of an IT architect?

I am currently Delivery Architect in one of the biggest Life Science account responsible for cloud, operating systems, backup, storage and virtualization.
My service has as an aim advisory, design and vision of the services in my areas of responsibility. It is maybe strange but being architect you have even more learn to listen. Listen to customer, listen to projects, listen to SMEs and having listened for long enough time come with ideas that will satisfy all the parties.


What’s the best thing about working at Capgemini?
I love to work with best people in real collaborative atmosphere. Capgemini is known for great work atmosphere and the people with you work make your work really valuable and fun.

What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?
I am proud that I can work in one of the biggest IT transformations towards cloud. What is more, the team that delivers it is real global with great diversity. I cooperate on daily basis with people from Germany, UK, US, India, Poland and Netherlands. Having onboard best people from round the globe makes me proud.

How are you working towards the future you want?
As I already mentioned in my responsibilities, I have learned to listen even more. Of course, listening is not only point. Having SME communities with I can exchange experiences gives me the possibility to teach and learn about different use cases.
Lastly, you will not drive anything towards future you want if you will not learn. Very reach set of training materials, partners programs and learning curriculum allows me to be up to date with all newest technologies and build a vision of how services that I drive will look in the future.

What do you do after work? What is your hobby?
After work, I spend my time with my two daughters. With older one, I enjoy playing on console (Mario series is my favorite). With younger one I read books or just put Lego together.
In any other spare time, I try to exercise and be a healthy mover with HIIT type workouts.