Krzysztof Marek

Job position: IAM Consultant

What is your role?

I am a Business Analyst/Consultant delivering projects in the Identity & Access Management. I also lead the crew of people in similar roles being responsible for overall performance and deliverable of the team.

What is the most challenging at your job?

One of the things I would definitely consider as challenging is designing solutions which are deliverable from development perspective without causing a scope creep and at the same time satisfying customers and meeting their expectations.

What kind of competencies a business/analyst should have in your team?

I would say it should be a proportional mix of hard and soft skills. Our objective is to bridge the gap between business and technology hence expertise in technology is equally important to communication skills for instance.

What part of your job is done from the client’s place?

This depends on the project specifics. It happens that an engagement with a particular client is not that big and can be fully handled remotely. In case of bigger, more complex projects face to face meetings and workshops are rather crucial.

How long usually lasts one project?

Again, this is highly dependent on project specifics. It can be as short as 6 weeks and as long as 12 months.

What do you like best at your job?

Having worked in operations as well as projects area for years I must admit that the latter is more dynamic, challenging and less predictable. This is exactly what I enjoy and appreciate about my job.

Which of your business trips do you remember best and why?

Probably the one to Paris. Not only we had a successful workshop session but also an opportunity to visit some iconic places and try the local delicious cuisine.