Katarzyna Turbak

What is your role?

I have been working in Capgemini for 10 years now. My first role was Software Tester where I had a chance also to participate in the development process. After some time, I started to create automated tests, as the amount of manual work was huge. Besides, it was the opportunity to learn some programming skills. The next step of my career was to become a Team Leader of QA Team – currently, QA team consists of over 10 people.

With more experience, more complicated projects were coming. Currently, I’m acting as a Test Lead/Test Manager responsible for writing test strategies, test plans, and documents required by the project. My role is to identify all areas that must be checked before migration, transition or upgrade takes place and coordinates those activities.

What is the most challenging at your job?

Each project is different and since they are short-term projects (3-9 months) you have a possibility to learn new methodologies, approaches, technologies very often. You must be very flexible and adjust to ‚new reality’ very smoothly.

What does the Test Manager do?

It depends on the project. Usually, I am responsible for gathering overall knowledge of the project and identifying areas that tests should cover to assure the highest quality possible. That requires cooperation with all key people engaged in a project. Based on the knowledge gained, the Test Manager creates a high-level Test Strategy document and Test Plan – which describes a detailed approach to all areas described in a Test Strategy. The next thing is creating tests cases and coordinating tests activities (internal tests, component tests, SITs, UATs, OATs). In the end, I gather test results then coordinate bug fixing process and create test reports with test progress and test results.

What do you like best at your job?

The first thing that comes to my mind – is the exceptional atmosphere in Capgemini! This is what I like the most! Besides, all new challenges that come with each new project and the possibility to learn new things in every new upcoming project.

How often do you travel to client? How long last such a business trip?

Unfortunately, I do not travel as much as I would like to. In my position, it is usually not required but during the last few years, I was on several pieces of training and conferences abroad (France, UK). In other teams, there is much bigger possibility to travel (UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and even the USA) and the duration of such business trips can vary from 1 week to even 6 months.

Do you work remotely? If yes, how often?

In Capgemini it is possible to work remotely as much as you like (depends on the team, project and your manager) but I’m the person who enjoys being with people, that is why you can always meet me in the office!