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Welcome to MACS: Capgemini’s Creative Powerhouse

Unleash your ideas to get the future you want.
MACS the in-house creative agency at Capgemini.

Combining the expertise of a large company with the agility of a creative agency, we turn ideas into impactful campaigns that drive results.

Our five towers

Project Management

At the core of MACS is our exceptional project management team. When a client engages us, they are assigned a Creative Project Manager who becomes their single point of contact. Our PM collaborates with our internal production teams to transform problems into solutions, and ideas into impactful campaigns, ensuring seamless execution.

Design Studio and Motion

Our dedicated design studio breathes life into concepts, from digital assets to physical spaces. We’ve crafted a design language for multi-layered global campaigns all the way to local branding efforts. Additionally, our in-house motion and film studio adds a dynamic touch, capturing and editing footage for a fully immersive experience.

Digital Products and Platforms

From crafting business solutions to developing tools used across different business units, our digital development and design team powers IT solutions across Capgemini. From concept, to design, through development and release, with experts in UX/UI and end-to-end application development, we create applications and platforms that help Capgemini advance.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing team is full of skilled writers, editors, and proofreaders, who shape narratives into stories that connect with our audience. This diverse team, including international talents, ensures that Capgemini’s messages resonate both internally and externally.


Situated between production and project management, our marketing tower is divided into three service lines: Pursuit Marketing Support, Event Management, and ABM Accompanied Marketing Support. This team collaborates closely with clients, shaping marketing strategies and enablement programs, and ensuring flawless execution.

Join MACS! Not just a team, but a culture of fearlessness, innovation, and accountability.

One-step solution

Get everything you need under one roof – dedicated project managers, design, video, content marketing, digital solutions, and more.

    Global reach

    Work on projects that span across geographies, shaping brand-defining moments for Capgemini.

      Seamless collaboration

      Enjoy a smooth and efficient partnership with our team, from ideation to execution.

        Fearless creativity

        We encourage pushing boundaries and taking calculated risks to achieve outstanding results.


          Own your projects and take pride in delivering high-quality, impactful work.

            Meet our people

              Diego Calvo Estaún

              Diego Calvo Estaún

              Head of Digital Products and Platforms at MACS, the in-house creative agency at Capgemini.
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              sylwia mrowca

              sylwia mrowca

              Head of Operations and PMO at MACS, the in-house creative agency at Capgemini.
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              Timothy hardy

              Timothy hardy

              Head of Content Marketing at MACS, the in-house creative agency at Capgemini.<br>
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