Intelligent Automation Practice

IA Practice is the technology spot of Capgemini Business Services, where all RPA, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics talents sit. We provide our clients with expertise and resources to respond to market demand on robotics, automation conversational bots, machine learning and process mining solutions. Projects delivered by us are helping clients from all key business sectors to accelerate and digitalize their processes.

We are group of experts working in dynamic environment constantly improving our service and expanding technology toolkit. We enjoy working together seeking for new challenges and opportunities to grow.

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About us 

IA Practice is an environment which promotes creativity, innovation, openness and positive thinking. Designing solutions to complex problems motivates us and overcoming challenges is what makes us strong. We can travel the world (to be continued;)) or work locally and at the same time manage our studies and life passions. Each of our projects is a journey. You never know what exactly you will get out of it – but you always return wiser and ready for more.

Meet our experts : 

Kaja Robaszyńska, Head of Intelligent Automation Practice Operations EMEA  >> read the interview <<
Kasia Piwowar-Szymaszek, Business Analyses Automation Lead>> read the interview <<
Maciej Lewicki, Automation Infrastructure Consultant >> read the interview <<
Mirek Machowski, Intelligent Automation Junior Project Manager
>> read the interview <<
  Joanna Brandys-Chmielewska, Business Analyst >> read the interview <<

Discovering Intelligent Automation technologies we are building capabilities in following areas:

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The technological revolution is sweeping the world, and the IA Practice team has become a part of it, ensuring that the business can develop creatively and algorithms can take  over simple activities. You also have a chance to join the group of experts and, together with our team, make the technological revolution a reality.