Lalit Khandelwal

Executive Vice President, Capgemini North America

By leveraging our assets and capabilities in the areas of IoT, AI, machine learning, and cloud, we can contribute significantly to the ventures of our partners and help them achieve success.

At Capgemini, I am responsible for driving digital transformation for our customers in the manufacturing and industrial-manufacturing sectors. I work to ensure that we are seen as a trusted partner to our clients. Whether this means working closely with CXOs on their business strategies or understanding the needs of a large conglomerate, I apply my knowledge and abilities fully to uphold our reputation as a trusted and highly capable service provider.

My role involves 

Leading a team of industry experts and business-development and client-service professionals. We are dedicated to helping manufacturing companies take advantage of digital technologies. Being recognized as a go-to partner is how we grow our brand in the sector.

I have over 25 years of experience in international IT and consulting. In this time, I have been fortunate to hold several leadership roles. This has given me an understanding of how to motivate teams and drive them towards positive outcomes, while fostering an environment that is conducive to their personal growth.

It is important to make a difference. I aspire to do this each day and set an example for those getting started on their own journeys.

And another thing…

I am an avid runner in my free time. I have competed in three marathons, including the ones held in New York and Chicago. I have a degree in computer engineering and completed a business-management program in Mumbai, India.

Lalit Khandelwal

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