Meet us at the Devoxx Poland conference!

We are happy to announce that we are taking part in the Devoxx Poland conference!

Devoxx Poland is one of the largest IT conferences in Poland, and during this year’s edition, you will be able to meet our experts at the Capgemini stand, and learn more about our projects, technologies, and offers!

What have we prepared for you?

At the very entrance, attractions prepared by Capgemini are waiting for you – be vigilant and look out for „Lucky Ducks”. On our stand, you will be able to win really nice prizes and at the same time have a lot of FUN.

Our experts will provide you with the required amount of knowledge, from the in-depth discussions at the Capgemini booth to the interesting lectures of our speakers.

Who will be with us?

Michał Jawulski– Technical Lead and Software Engineer with 10 years of experience. You may know him from podcasts or workshops focused on Soft Skills for Programmers.

During the conference, he will surprise you with interesting facts about JS, in the lecture „Why is everyone laughing at JavaScript and why is everyone wrong?”


Damian Naprawa – Software Architect, passionate about containers and trainer. You might have met him before as he is keen to share his knowledge on his blog, podcasts, and proprietary online courses.

In this edition of Devoxx Poland, you will meet him during the lecture „4 Pillars of Microservices in Kubernetes”, where he will show how the preparation and implementation of a microservice application in Kubernetes can look like.


Look for our stand and see you there!


If you want to learn more about us and be up-to-date with what we do, check out our website and explore job offers!

Szczegóły wydarzenia

22 czerwca, 2022 8:00 am
24 czerwca, 2022 4:40 pm