IT T@lk #3 online debate: Public Cloud – Is it worth optimizing the costs?

IT T@lk online with Capgemini!

Thank you for your participation in the event, which took place on November 19. During the meeting we discussed if it’s worth optimizing the costs with Public Cloud.


5.00 pm – 5.05 pm – Welcome

5.05 pm – 5.30 pm – Presentation: Strategies for migrating and modernizing applications in Cloud – Błażej Michalczyk and Ivan Domoroshchenov

5.30 pm – Short Break

5.30 pm – 6.30 pm – Online debate: Is it worth optimizing the costs with Public Cloud? – Błażej Michalczyk; Ivan Domoroshchenov; Daniel Rode; Adrian Gliszczyński

6.30 pm – The End

About the presentation:

Strategies for migrating and modernizing applications in Cloud

During the presentation, you will learn more about various strategies for migrating and modernizing applications in Cloud. Our experts will also share some insights on cost and time aspects in relation to workload which runs in Cloud as well as On-prem. What is more, you get the chance to discover details about proper planning and regular monitoring of costs in order to run environment in more flexible and predictive way.

About the debate:

Is it worth optimizing the costs with Public Cloud?

The second part of the event – an online debate – will be conducted by our experts as well. The debate is divided into three discussion panels:
• The design decisions and risks of running workload in cost-optimized way
• Pros and cons of different approaches
• Safety concerns vs. time and budget capabilities


Błażej is an IT Architect who started his journey 10 years ago with on-prem VMware based environments and now is focused on Cloud and Automation. He has great experience with design and implementation of monitoring solutions, both for legacy and cloud based environments. He holds AWS Solutions Architect Professional and Azure Architect certifications. Błażej is trying to achieve maximum level of automation in all possible areas.



Ivan is a Cloud Architect with strong hands-on experience, implementing advanced, modern design practices when building tools and infrastructure. He likes working with all 3 major clouds with a great focus on AWS. His biggest passions are cloud technologies, music and animals. Ivan enjoys spending time with his dog Dora.




Daniel is a Cloud Architect at Capgemini. For the past few months, he has been engaged into the project based on Azure Public Cloud and VMware vSphere. Daniel also works with hybrid environments linking Private and Public Cloud into one. Daniel’s professional background is vSphere based on virtualization, Windows Server and Linux environments. He is very passionate about automation and scripting.



Adrian works at Capgemini as an IT Architect. He is responsible mainly for Public Cloud computing (AWS). His main interests are processes of migration to cloud, and further cloud native optimizations. Pragmatic approach to work helps him provide reliable solutions while ensuring maximal simplicity as well as added value whenever it is possible.




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