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Web series: How can Blockchain foster reliable and sustainable supply chains?

Now, more than ever, we acknowledge that you cannot model the future with certainty. What you can do is prepare yourself and your organization to stay connected and respond rapidly.

As a part of our endeavor to bring technology to the service of people and businesses, the French Applied Innovation Exchange presents a 5 part series on Blockchain.

Watch the replay of our 5 episodes to discover what makes Blockchain a game-changer for logistics. We focus on four complementary use cases that promise to have a material impact on supply chains, illustrated by examples of our customers and partners.

  • Webcast 1 – Become a game-changer for supply chains

  • Webcast 2 – Enable next-gen product traceability

  • Webcast 3 – Enhance transparency & accountability between actors

  • Webcast 4 – Procure-to-Pay machine
  • Webcast 5 – Securing IoT devices

Please see the replay of each webcast below.

Szczegóły wydarzenia

30 kwietnia, 2020 1:30 pm
7 maja, 2020 2:00 pm
Online webinar