Engineering T@lk „From Java to Kotlin. Lessons learned and main Kotlin features.”

Another Engineering T@lk behind us!

This talk is dedicated to switching big teams from Java to Kotlin and the main lessons learned during the switch.

  • Date: 9 June 2022
  • Topic: From Java to Kotlin. Lessons learned and main Kotlin features.

My name is Andrey Kolodnitskiy. I am Staff Engineer, my primary focus is around distributed systems, microservices and JVM based languages.

Overview of main Kotlin features will be provided and specifically, we would discuss the coroutines and how those are working.

Kotlin is a modern programming language that gets more and more popular nowadays.

This talk will be dedicated to the story and important aspects related to switching teams from Java to Kotlin and lessons learnt during such switch.

During the talk we will go through main Kotlin features like nullability handling, extension functions, working with collections and other key features. Particularly deeper dive on Kotlin coroutines will be made, which would help to understand the difference in asynchronous processing and concurrency approach suggested by Kotlin.


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Szczegóły wydarzenia

9 czerwca, 2022 6:00 pm
Aioli, Rynek 5, Katowice