Engineering T@lk „Debugging Microservices – key challenges and techniques.”

Thank you all who joined our Engineering T@lk in Krakow!

Let`s find out the best practices and tools we use on our project, which help to find issues more efficiently.

  • Date: 7 June 2022
  • Location: Plac Nowy 1, Kraków, and online
  • Topic: Debugging Microservices – key challenges and techniques.

My name is Andrey Kolodnitskiy. I am Staff Engineer, my primary focus is around distributed systems, microservices and JVM based languages. Majority of time engineers do spend debugging and fixing the issues. This talk will be dedicated to best practicies and tools we use on our project which do help to find issues more efficiently.

Microservice architecture is widespread these days. It comes with a lot of benefits and challenges to solve. The main goal of this talk is to go through troubleshooting and debugging in the distributed micro-service world.

The topic would cover the main aspects of

  • the logging,
  • monitoring,
  • distributed tracing,
  • debugging services on the cluster.

The main message is the importance of tools like centralized logging/metrics and monitoring/ distributed tracing and its configuration for outlining what is going on in the system. Important aspects of each tool will be toughed and discussed during the talk. The microservices bring new issues when the environment cannot start locally and I deployed in the cluster thus tools for remote debugging will be discussed as well.


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Szczegóły wydarzenia

7 czerwca, 2022 6:00 pm
Plac Nowy 1, Kraków