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Kasia Piwowar-Szymaszek

Kasia Piwowar-Szymaszek

Business Analyses Automation Lead


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Interview with Business Analyses Automation Lead

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life”

Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft.

Name: Kasia Piwowar-Szymaszek
Position: Business Analyses Automation Lead
Years at Capgemini: 7
Faculty & Degree: MA in Biotechnology
Hobbies/free time activities: Books, TV series

Kasia, what is your role on the team?

I am senior automation business analyst.

What are three key words that best describe your team?

Professional, helpful, welcoming.

And what do you like most about your team?

Everyone is super helpful; I could reach my colleagues and have a brainstorming session to figure something out. And if we want to meet outside and office, we won’t do that in the boring pub, we will organize a hike and then have a beer at the top of the mountain.

What separates your team from the other?

Every day brings new adventures. Our tasks could vary between every project, one day I could be a Project Manager, and the next day Solution Architect. Working for multiple clients generates a lot of work diversity. You just can’t get bored.

What technologies do you use on daily bases?

Currently, my focus is UiPath, but I have worked with many other tools. It depends on the client we are working with.

How in your opinion will the IA Practice branch be developing?

Expending our expertise in Intelligent Automations tools-this is what everybody is talking about lately.

Will robots take Capgemini over?

Never say never, but I wouldn’t fear it right now. Experienced employees will always be a value to the employer. However, I think we should get used to working together with the robots and treat them as best friend who would take the most boring and mundane work from your shoulders.

At what are robots better than humans?

They’re tireless and would happily work during weekends.

Do you name your robots/automations?

We are leaving this privilege to the clients; the last one was named Claive.

What skills should an automation architect have?

To be a people-person, flexible and organized. Everything else you could learn.

How does an Automation Architect/Developer/Infrastructure Specialists/Support & Maintenance Agent day look like?

Coffee, and then everything could happen, but usually, a lot of conference calls are involved.

Are there any interesting places that you have visited, thanks to your job?

During the worldwide pandemic, I travel only virtually- to Peru, USA, Hungary, Switzerland and all this in one day.