Conversations for Tomorrow #4

The new face of marketing

At Capgemini, we believe in collecting and comparing the candid views of diverse stakeholders on the business issues that will shape our collective future. By doing this, we become better prepared to seize new opportunities, and to face the challenges arising from the current volatile business environment.


Marketing is changing – for good and for the better. Stakeholder expectations have been reset, and brands are expected to act responsibly, sustainably, and to provide real value to individuals as well as societies.

In the newest edition of our quarterly journal, Conversations for Tomorrow, we consult over 20 thought leaders, including business executives, entrepreneurs, academics, and our own experts, to discuss the issues that reflect the new face of marketing and lay out how CMOs can begin to prepare themselves to meet these challenges.

What we have found is that purpose-led organizations are winning – consumers feel gratitude toward companies that have “given back” during the ongoing health crisis and prioritize such organizations when considering purchases. More broadly, the last couple of years have demonstrated that cultivating emotional bonds and trust with customers is both critical and uniquely challenging in a more distanced world.

New modes of interaction have also emphasized real-time data as the marketer’s biggest asset. But despite its clear utility, it remains underutilized by marketing organizations, and upskilling and rebuilding around data has become an urgent priority. Finally, collaboration has become indispensable, extending to customers and new partners as CMOs look to navigate the new face of marketing.

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Meet our Experts

Dr. Thomas Dmoch

Expert in Automotive, Consumer Goods, Digital marketing, Digital Sales