European Specialty Retailer Provides New Window to Online Shopping

Capgemini implements the first ever online shopping app in France, powered by Windows 8

The Situation

Shoppers today use one or more digital technologies or channels during multiple phases of their shopping journey. They are constantly hunting for information from multiple sources and formats. In their quest to purchase the best product at optimal price, they expect quality in addition to convergence of technologies and channels.

A leading European specialty retailer decided to better engage with its customers by creating a mobile application that lists products, offers and discounts across its stores. Recognizing this need to provide integration between physical and digital touch points, the retailer collaborated with the Capgemini Innovation Factory team to design and implement connected kiosks based on Windows 8. Capgemini Innovation Factory is a specialized team of Mobile Solutions experts who innovate in the areas of multi-channel and immersive technologies.

The Solution

The connected kiosks, currently available across selected stores in France, are complemented by a marketplace app downloadable from the Windows 8 store. Incidentally, this is the first e-commerce application available on the Windows store in France.

The Result

Using the application, shoppers are now able to access product information and buy products that may be unavailable in-store or that can be found exclusively on the retailer’s online store. The application provides shoppers with the opportunity to access more than 10 million product references. Selected items can either be delivered at home or picked up at the nearest store.

The solution builds on the complementary model that already exists with the retailer’s network of stores and its digital presence, helping provide its shoppers with a consistent „All-Channel Experience.” The app was downloaded more than 10,000 times in a short span of three weeks after it was hosted on the Windows store.

How the Retailer and Capgemini Worked Together

While selecting its design and implementation partner, the retailer recognized the value proposition of Capgemini’s Innovation Factory team quite early: its capacity to produce innovative multi-channel applications from design to integration, in record time, and in an industrialized manner. Using „Live Design” facilitated workshops, a team of Capgemini specialists worked collaboratively with the retailer to ideate and visualize sketches and mock-ups. This innovative approach, whereby upstream preparation and subsequent developments are independently carried out by Capgemini teams, called for very focused attention from the retailer’s team, saving time drastically. As an indication, only two 90-minute workshops mobilizing the retailer’s experts were required to develop visual mock-ups of the final application.

In working with the retailer, Capgemini leveraged its All-Channel Experience framework, which helps retailers and manufacturers transform their businesses to engage with technology-enabled shoppers and provide a seamless experience across all channels.


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