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As we do care for the continuous improvement, development and well-being of our employees, we have prepared a set of benefits and incentives for them. See what they are: 



Free-of-charge access to the NEXT platform including learning content from world-class libraries such as Coursera, Pluralsight, Harvard as well as our technology partners training and certifications like MS Azure, AWS, Google and ServiceNow. You can access it any time, also at home.

Education First platform –
a self-study program for learning English, which covers unlimited virtual access to both general as well as industry-specific courses. One of its assets is versatility and user-friendly design – you may use it wherever you like, for example on your phone.

Opportunity to participate in
development programs, academies, and apply for subsidies to external courses, education, and certification.


Career development opportunities

Opportunity to change the direction of career path within the company.
Each employee may plan his or her career path in a flexible manner. You can choose the leader path if want to manage your own team in future, or expert path if want to develop in a given area, but without the need to manage people.


Medical care

Access to private medical care in Medicover Centres for yourselves and your family members, with an option to extend the package.
Access to StayWell helpline – each employee has the opportunity to speak with psychotherapists from Mind Med Psychotherapy Institute on the topics such as mental health, emotional development and building effective relations with people.


Life insurance

Life insurance coverage is in force 24/7, all over the world. Contract covers events occurring at work and at leisure with an option of extending.



Opportunity to participate in internal events related with the improvement of well-being, such as StayWell webinars, meetings with dieticians and many more.


Wide array of benefits for your choice

Access to the cafeteria platform Nais – available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Your individual profile to administer benefits. Package of attractive benefits which you can select and pay with funds provided by Social Fund or on your own (cash card or bank e-transfer). All benefits are in one place (private medical care, group life insurance etc.) – hundreds of partners all over Poland.

MultiSport card
, which is financed by the Social Fund. MultiSport card is a solution that allows unlimited access to over 4000 sports facilities throughout Poland.  It is also possible to buy a pass for an accompanying person or a child.



Everybody can join our communities and engage in various projects they feel passionate about. These communities can be focused on technology, knowledge sharing, as well as other aspects of our work, like employer branding, social responsibility etc.
Opportunity to participate in many free-of-charge webinars – with guest speakers and with other employees. The meeting topics are as broad as interests of our employees – from IT, through finance or health, to travel held by Capgemini employees. Everybody can find something for themselves.


Unique atmosphere

Joint celebrations: Children’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, the last Thursday of carnival, St. Nicholas’ Day? You can spend unforgettable moments with your colleagues, make friendships and feel good in the company. There are many activities happening for example either internal contests, or sending postcards, or cooking online-workshops. You definitely won’t be bored!

No rigid dress code
applies. Everybody can feel comfortable and good.


Additional benefits

Additional bonuses for recommending friends to work with us.
Holiday benefits and gifts for children of our employees.
Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) – the opportunity to participate in the global employee shareholding plan.
Employee Capitals Plan (PPK)  is a voluntary long-term saving program that will allow you to accumulate additional funds for retirement. These funds are completely private and inherited. In addition to the Participant contribution, Employer and the State will provide their contributions as well.
A hybrid working model giving employees the possibility to work from home or from the office.
Modern and secure offices with an option to leave bikes in a closed parking space.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The grant program, i.e. raise funds for specific social purposes. Our Capgeminers refurbished children’s homes, organized coding workshops in social day-care centres, hospitals, and created a virtual space with training for the digitally excluded! Have you got an idea for your project? Great – at Capgemini you will find space for its implementation.
At Capgemini, we are able to create and implement new tools and modern technologies, while at the same time taking care of the environment. As part of our Net Zero strategy, we intend among others things to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2025 at the latest and net zero emission by 2030.

Through our activities, we encourage women to work in IT
. Two major projects have been launched in Poland as part of this initiative: ITGra and CyberPlac.


Watch the video to see more CSR actions we were involved in before:


And last but not least: in our company you can find smile, support and friendly people.


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